Tuesday, August 24, 2010

snapshot: a few of my favourite things

  • Gladiolas (almost as tall as myself) in my kitchen  
  • Friends out of the blue
  • Indian summer weather
  • Glen Hansard and all that he is. "There's lots of room, we've got room up here, and all these seats....Fuck the rules! Fuck the formation! (keeps strumming guitar) Sorry about the language (shrugs), it's an Irish thing." And all of this in response to him first inviting the audience to join him on the stage, then being chastised by events personnel and having to stand and wait while 50 or so people were herded back off of the stage.
  • Music under a night sky
  • Violins that bring tears to your eye
  • Space and peace (in and out) 
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Monday, August 2, 2010

here, right now

I am in a place of freedom, of striving and of optimism. Where I cart my laundry to the laundromat in a suitcase. Where I have homework and I actually do it because...I want to. Where the landlord fixes everything himself, hits a water line and shuts off our water for five hours and two trips into town to use the bathrooms of various businesses. This place, that I'm in, is pretty good.

I eat toast for supper, pizza for breakfast and sometimes (don't tell my mom) drink wine for no reason at all. My apartment is always a mess, but since cleaning is nothing more than moving the pile of dishes from one counter to the other, I don't do it as often as I should.

I want to be out, exploring, meeting, not couped up growing fat and bored. But money is tight and work makes me tired. And this is how it is, day upon day. But then,
                                                                                    there is pink sun sinking in the sky. The music in the night and in my soul that reminds me: you're alive, for this. For the toddler running past who resembles Cindy Lou Who, the sunset on the river, the fields, the train tracks. Simple, honest. Satisfied. Strive tomorrow because right now, this is good.