Tuesday, March 1, 2011

new places, new thoughts

The best thing about starting again is that everything is fresh. The hardest thing is that everything is an unknown. I mean at first you don't even know where your tooth brush is. Then you find it but the paste is nowhere to be found. The chaos of boxes is not a symbol of the chaos in your brain, but is actually there, physically clouding your thoughts, movements, ambitions.

And so I begin. Or did. The learning, the sorting, the giving up of unnecessary life clutter. Now what to do. Who to be. New start. You can do anything, be anyone. Who and what will that be?

Am I
Stubborn and thrifty-A Scott through and through.
Seeking truth and meaning-A soul not yet full.
I am.
Will I
Sing, write, breathe-A voice discovering breath.
Question with wonder-An intellect with places to go.
I will

It is only new for now. Blink. New no more. So I will throw myself all in-not wanting to leave a toe or even knee-cap behind. Forward.

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