Thursday, December 29, 2011

auld lang sang: a year's new!

                      Note from my landlord. Note for life.

The year is behind us and it's time to reflect. Funny that even our ridiculously fast-paced city has a built in pause button. Take a moment, just one, and think about where you are.

You have lived another year. Gravity has had its way with your, ahem, appendages for yet another 12 months. And in these past 360 some odd days, you've probably done at least five things you promised yourself you had left behind in 2010 with the Olympics.

I mark life by the moments. At this moment (birthday, Christmas, end of a season) last year I was __________. And today I am here.

And this closing week of 2011, what causes me to pause is my beautifully untouched leather-bound agenda. What glorious terrifically scary unknown is ahead? Will I fill these pages with people and projecty goodness or will the margins be filled with Dog the Bounty Hunter (thanks free cable!) Will I grow and grow up. Become something new. Do something big. I hope like heck I do.

So here I begin my first 2012 challenge to myself. A weekly blog entry. Because writing is something I love and sharing is something this breath and these fingers were made for.

Call it a New Years resolution, call it Kim's Coincidentally-Timed Challenge 'O Fun. What do you want to be looking back on next December 29? What grace, joy, determination and justice can you build, spread and live in the almost-here 2012?

Here's to finding out! (Clink)

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