Sunday, January 8, 2012

ferreted away

Amanda has a ferret. She tells me a lot of stories about this ferret. Stories that have made me curious and even a wee bit enamored with the idea of ferrets. But meeting Ozzy was an experience unto itself. No stories could prepare me for this furry, wriggling little body in my hands. Or his little eyes imploring me to stop wearing him like a scarf.

Ozzy is hilarious. Endless hours of entertainment in a furry package. From his faux-sleep reflex that kicks in when you scruff him (see video), to his skittering sideways, and of course, his penchant for exploring (read stealing from) unattended purses.
                    Video demonstrates how to "Scruff" your ferret

My visit would not have been complete without witnessing this alleged thievery.

I placed Ozzy in my purse, put it down and walked away. He sorted about, finding nothing immediately of interest (there was no food or gum) and came back out. But something pulled him back into the purse and he rooted around some more.  Finally, his rear-end wiggling in delight as he burrowed further into a pocket, he emerged with my brand new lipstick triumphiantly in his teeth and booked it across the room.

I actually had to pry it out of his tiny jaws. And yes, I felt a little mean. But come on, Ozzy! I mean, pick anything else and I would let you have it. But this brand new bright red Clinique lipstick, yeah, that's not happening. And besides Oz, its not even your shade.

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