Sunday, April 22, 2012

button-nosed posies: diy

the centre-piece at a friend's wedding: i have to make these!
getting started at a "Pinning Party": i deconstruct a flower
i based the width of strips off my example, each strip was 4cm wide
then i folded the strips accordion-style, attaching 2 or 3 together with tape. 3 makes a fuller flower, but 2 is really cute too!
first five pinwheels complete: i cut a cereal box into squares (2cm x 2cm), formed a pinwheel and then glued it to the cardboard.
i sorted through buttons i've collected over the years (you know, the extra ones they give you with each shirt that you never actually use), then hot-glue gunned a button to the centre of each pinwheel.
ten pretty posies all in a row.

All that's left is buying some bbq skewers (the thin ones), a styrofoam ball and some spray paint to coat the vase (i.e. mason jar). I will share these steps and the finished product as soon as I'm done! 

Changed my mind and did this vase (or candle holder) instead!

new fave breakfast: banana-spinach shake

A friend recently suggested a spinach-banana smoothie (she had made hers with a base of water and ice) and so I decided to make my own (base of oj and added soy protein).

bananas, spinach and oj

everything came together nicely, blended up in mere seconds

the only thing i'd do differently next time, chill the spinach (maybe even the banana) ahead of time

And that's it! Play around, add something else (but you can't get much healthier or cheaper than spinach and bananas) and sip up. The next day I added grapes, but their skins didn't blend up enough and I wouldn't do it again. Berries are always amazing and I'm hoping to try kale soon. Let me know how it goes!

*Thanks to Jeannine for her suggestion that I peel and freeze bananas in advance. This is truly the perfect solution, because bananas always go spotty before I get to the last one anyway, and they will help make the smoothie cold! Win!

*Live and learn! 1 cup cold water, 1.5-2 cups fresh, washed spinach, 1 frozen banana chopped, a few berries thawed but not warm, this is my most successful recipe! (trying not to overdo the soy don't want too much of that stuff in ya!)

Thursday, April 12, 2012


petit jardin

the only thing i like about tall buildings
are the gardens on top
the mountain blocking ugly of
grey concrete steel
makes those leaves
audacious foliage forty stories up
something special
green between grey
and i dream of those gardens
of sitting there, palm frond shaded
in the afternoon sun
the city trundling below

Monday, April 2, 2012

discovery of the day: polly scattergood

i hate the way
"we had pennies in our pockets, we had hope in our eyes..."

I was first introduced to Polly about three years ago. You know when you're listening to your iPod and suddenly an incredible song comes on, but you have no idea who it is? It was Polly. And I was grabbed: her words were practically my own and then there was the unpredictable vulnerability of her voice.

Today was another such day, and I returned home from my appointment downtown and leisurely stop-over at my old Starbucks determined to discover more brilliance. Surely such a person has made more music that would change my life?

  breathe in, breathe

new york, new york

poem song