Sunday, April 22, 2012

button-nosed posies: diy

the centre-piece at a friend's wedding: i have to make these!
getting started at a "Pinning Party": i deconstruct a flower
i based the width of strips off my example, each strip was 4cm wide
then i folded the strips accordion-style, attaching 2 or 3 together with tape. 3 makes a fuller flower, but 2 is really cute too!
first five pinwheels complete: i cut a cereal box into squares (2cm x 2cm), formed a pinwheel and then glued it to the cardboard.
i sorted through buttons i've collected over the years (you know, the extra ones they give you with each shirt that you never actually use), then hot-glue gunned a button to the centre of each pinwheel.
ten pretty posies all in a row.

All that's left is buying some bbq skewers (the thin ones), a styrofoam ball and some spray paint to coat the vase (i.e. mason jar). I will share these steps and the finished product as soon as I'm done! 

Changed my mind and did this vase (or candle holder) instead!

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