Thursday, May 3, 2012

i already am

Learning to be what
i already am
is a long process
of saying this is me
broken beyond belief
and yet somehow
i hold this wine-soaked bread
and it says again
he was broken beyond my belief
to repair
HIS love
a death so marked by pain
and grief
a death so filled with shame
and begging
take this cup
and so while he knows my pain
and grief, shame and begging
he has already accepted them
and thereby
I cannot be anything other
than what I already am
Broken beyond recognition
and loved beyond belief
so to answer those nagging questions
he can use me now
my brokenness is a part of me, its not going anywhere
and i refuse to wait
to be useful
to be loved
to be good enough
i am learning to be
what I already am.
Chosen, beloved, truth-speaker, planned,
to a father
I am learning to be these things,
things I already am.

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