Wednesday, May 16, 2012

loosed balloon

A bunny and balloons and I was very near bawling right there in the street, thinking about those who wrote the sign by hand, their hearts rent over a loved lost. And I wanted to write about it, to process and remember the times I too have loosed balloons.

But I forgot. And today, it was about forgiveness. I thought, I like to forgive like I blow up balloons. And so while the ideas are not the same, I think there is a connection. It's an image that means something to us...I don't know, something about balloons doing what our hearts demand. It is time for release.

"I'll be back for you"

I like to blow up
like I forgive
with simple breath
I loose you
But somehow
dusk shadows stretch
over me standing
string in hand
and that damn balloon
I was sure
had already
let go

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