Tuesday, June 12, 2012

mason jar tealight holders: diy

little candles all in a row

i have been looking forward to making them for a couple months

and i love them

because it feels like Christmas
 A lovely evening of crafting behind me (and no I wasn't listening to Christmas music, I'm of the "you start to soon you spoil it" persuasion) and many lovely, candlelit evenings ahead. A really simple craft, all you need are the following items:

jars (mason, tahini, Patak's butter chicken...you get the idea, any will do. It did take me a while to get enough of the right size and shape so that I was happy.)
doilies (my grandma graciously gave me a whole bag a couple years ago, the rest will go to that cool doily lamp!)
glue gun
wine (preferably red. I did not actually have any tonight, but in an ideal world, I would have.)

 That's it, that's how it's done! I got the idea here.

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