Monday, June 4, 2012


This morning I am trying to figure out how I, the girl who didn't have a cellphone until university, has become me. I was recently given an older iPod touch, and I genuinely believed that it would satisfy my desire for an iPhone until the time comes for me to actually get an iPhone.

Oh foolish Kim. I mean sure it stores 8 times what my shuffle, yes you heard me, I have only ever had a shuffle, but it doesn't have a camera and won't load newer apps. And so my question is, how did I get here?

How did I become so dependent on mobile technology that an iPod worlds ahead of what I've had, doesn't even meet my most basic expectations?

And is there any way back? I'm a big fan of learning to work within the present system, making the best of it and keeping pace with the things that will make me hirable etc. But maybe I don't like it...maybe I want to be like my tech-illiterate mum. The problem? My brain is wired for mobility and I have not been called to hermitage(ness?) I have been called to live here, engage with my culture and be available to God. And in this I must find a balance? God help me.

Well that's it. My first mobile blog post. And you know what, I survived.

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