Sunday, July 22, 2012

just up ahead

stand out

the beauty of peace
is acceptance
and there remain
i cannot accept
like hard-hearts
and injustice

the beauty of life
is grace
that abounds
in and through
and after
the mess
i cannot accept

and i sing-speak words
of acceptance
you give
and take away
hard words
i understand
the takeaway part

the beauty of jesus
is a mercy-shelter
from the mess
we make
and a hope
for shining days
of peace
just up ahead

This week has been (for those following certain bloggers and the Gospel Coalition) a week of stirred passions and fighting words. And we could go on. (Some still are.) However, today, I am arrested by the humility of some and graciousness of others who choose to put the gospel, people and the Church ahead of themselves. I want more of this.

I want peace. But at the same time, I have a feeling that I may never get it. I cannot ignore what is on my heart and will not be silenced. Brave people, and particularly brave women, must not give up when the stakes are this high. When justice, mercy and human dignity are on the line, we should all be fighting. Especially when the threat comes from within the Church itself.

Jesus was very clear about sin.  Sin lives in the heart and is seen in both our action and inaction. My prayer is that my sin through inaction becomes less and less and that my understanding of God's heart for the world increases.

To that end, I will always fight.

What I'm talking about:

Sarah Bessey
Rachel Held Evans
Gospel Coalition-Jared C. Wilson

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  1. Beautiful. Keep up the fight, sister. Honoured to be alongside of you.