Friday, July 27, 2012

what is saving my life right now: a synchroblog

this is me participating in sarah bessey's synchroblog

Right now Comensoli Gluten Free Muffin Mix (to which I added frozen, local blueberries, flax and sesame seeds) is saving me. I mixed it up, baked and presto! muffins appeared, just as it should be.

And today, I really need something to be just as it should.

I grew up in the church, Christian school etc. and so while I am forever grateful and in awe of Grace, I find myself daily most drawn to what we call "common grace" (little 'g'). And I have been corrected at times, told that common grace is not the focus and not what really matters, but you know what? I think that's false. We have bigger picture get it once and then it's there. And once it's there, it becomes easy to forget, to believe you're alone, slugging it out and salvation and heavenly rewards are so intangible, it starts to feel hollow, false, religious. Like receiving a LifeSavers candy book in your stocking and then, each roll turns out to be empty. You got the store display, not the real thing.

And so it can feel sometimes, when you've known Grace forever. I need something I can grab, unwrap, select, taste. I need me some LifeSavers (preferably the pineapple ones!)

These moments, yummy baked goods that are gluten free, sunshine in the trees, the breeze that hits you a few blocks before you actually see the ocean and a kitten snoring behind you, they point me to something greater. They are not saving me. Nor would I ever build my life about them, but they are life. These tiny, insignificant gifts point to a greater gift. And I need them. I am not just spirit, but also tangible, needy, broken flesh. So give me something I can know with my five sense and suddenly, I know, know, know, that Grace is real, that I am not alone and that this insignificant moment is nothing and everything.

So I guess it's true. I was saved by muffin mix.

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