Tuesday, August 7, 2012

i find you

where you might be found

I find you in the night
and quiet
moments at dawn
I find you in the rain
torrents and in snow
I find you in sunlight
and a breeze’s sigh
In laughter beauty love
I find you in these things
and decide
You must be
in these things
So I seek out the sun
the night and quiet
I seek out the rain
and light breeze’s touch
I call them you
This tree
Your dwelling place
I am
afraid to find you
in with me
because then
You are also here
in death’s
darkest black
my humiliation and terror
and I cannot will not
see you
in these things
You are in the meadows
and a baby’s laugh
the places I understand
how you
In slit flesh
and pills (places
where you are not)
I curse your name
and call you liar
child abandoner
the worst
Because you are not
cannot be with me
all the time
I do not feel you
cannot allow you
do not know
what it would mean
to be suddenly
not alone
So be in the trees
I’ll worship them
sing their praise
and the world
will be as it is

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