Monday, December 3, 2012

infinity scarf diy

Step 1: Select a beloved scarf that needs some TLC.

Step 2: Select a razor (I would not recommend $4/blade razors like the one in the picture!) Shave scarf in firm, even strokes. Remove excess fuzz. Use scissors to trim the edges. Unlike most garments, loose-knit scarves are not cut easily, so you don't have to be too worried about your razor's edge damaging the scarf. That being said, use your best judgement in terms of pressure and method. I did it on my lap; if you're at a table, you'll probably need to be gentler.

Step 3: Remove the tassels (avoid cutting!) and tie off or sew all pieces so the ends of the scarf are smooth. Sew ends together (optional: I overlapped them slightly and added buttons so that it appears that the scarf buttons up.)

Step 3: Play around with the scarf before wearing and perhaps even before putting on finishing touches (like buttons!) to make sure the length and wearability suite you. Consider where you want the scarf to sit and how many times you want to loop it. Some scarves may prove an awkward length (ex. just long enough for 2.5 loops); if this is the case, the scarf may not have a second life after all, so save your time and find one that you will wear over and over again!  

For locally, hand-crafted scarves you could give as gifts to others (or yourself!), I recommend Pip & Pin. Check them out this weekend (December 8 & 9) at Got Craft?

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