Sunday, February 3, 2013

bre mcdaniel releases her first ep: hello starlight

hello starlight release party: an evening with bre

It was foggy-cold-dark on Railway St. in East Van, I couldn't find the place and had begun to rethink the whole plan, and then, in a window, an 8 x 11" poster reassured me: Hello Starlight. Tucked away in the same block where her brother Matthew lives (find him on her EP producing and playing various instruments), Anchor Guitar Studio was just the place for an evening of music (and a little magic).

I already knew that Bre had put a lot of time and love into her EP, and as the evening moved along it became clear that she had been equally loving in the creation of that night, the night that Hello Starlight was to enter the world.

covering Fleetwood Mac's Landslide

A little like story-time at the library when I was a kid, we gathered around, packing every nook of Anchor Guitar Studio, listening to Bre and her special guests (Matthew, Steph, Faith, Andrew, Jason Lowe, Josh and Sam) as they told us stories. 

It was an evening of friendship, running into old and meeting new. Brought together by our love of Bre, or a friend's cousin who once heard her play at Montmartre's, we chatted, laughed and listened away the hours.

The music carried the night as music tends to do, but it was the thoughtful choice of location, the group of friends coming together, and the casual touches of whimsy (because with Bre, there is always whimsy) that made it a night lovely for memory.

And now, a hint.

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