Tuesday, January 7, 2014

and now...

It's not so much the time of year (first week of January) as it is the number of days since I last sat toasty on the beach. And it's not so much the need to make this year count as it is the number of days since I last did something that counted.

So, project-hungry and discouragement-kicking, I embark into 2014.

On the horizon, in front of "a whole lot of nothing", stands an informal writing group and the hope for a spring theatre collective. I also have a collage itch, a children's story/play? to sort out and the challenge to learn to lament.

Themes for the year
  • discouragement 
  • kicking (back that is)
  • the low after the high 
  • rediscovery 
  • courage in the face of shame, fear, apathy and getting dis-sed (get it?!)

Songs for the year
Holes by Passenger
Flying Low by Karla Adolphe

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