Tuesday, April 1, 2014

a letter to little ones (and myself)

Listen baby
I want to tell you something
whispered to me
too many years late
Don't be afraid
and don't let me stop you
from loving and living
So smile and say yes
to that first date
let him take your hand, stand
in the middle of the street at night
and kiss him hard.

Come close baby
I want to hold you
and shut the hurt out
I want to stand giant between you
and everyone else
I want you to be happy
but only if it means you never feel
your heart beat open
the flesh ripped back
exposed and alive
like mine is and was
and always will be
because you are in this world.

Reach out baby
I want you to live
You're going to love and break
and I want it all for you
I know not to worry (though I do)
because I know you
courageous every day
strong in your frailty
beautiful and lovely
like the things in my heart
when I sat and cried
on a swing in the park
breaking and hoping for another day
one better and full of new to-comes.

Walk bold baby
through each new door
though you cannot know what's ahead
and it feels easier to give up
Your frailty is part of your sparkle
the stars that make up your soul
are strong as they are glorious
and I've watched them brighten with every
humble selfless quiet brilliant stubborn gorgeous thing
you've ever done
and so I know there's more to come.