Tuesday, August 12, 2014

steph ratcliff ep fundraiser: "an end to a start"

photo credit: diana squires

Growing up around youth group and summer camp, I knew the ring around the campfire, music and laughter floating into the night along, very well. But as I've aged, these blissful moments have become rarer and now when I happen upon one, it's all I can do not to be standing in the middle of it all, eyes closed, my head thrown back, arms outstretched.

July 12th, 2014, just off East Hastings, in a room that has only begun to dream of air conditioning, we gathered for a friend. Because we knew her, we knew that a night of beauty was as likely as were wry comments and dead-pan jokes. The only event in Vancouver to have ever accomplished this, the night began on time.

At 8 o'clock sharp, Steph took the stage in support of her opening act. Each playing two songs, Faith Numada, Ryan Cadamia, Ian Cromwell, Bre McDaniel and Stuart Alves filled the first hour with a mix of original music and covers, while between them, playing almost every instrument known to man. Then it was Steph's turn and we waited, excited to see our friend take flight.

And just like my campfire memories, the music filled, twirled and wrapped us all up. Stories and questions, returning and discovery, and always ending up back at hope. Steph is as bold in her music as she is in person, and without a doubt, also as lovely. Laughing with her band and sharing a bit about each piece, she let us in on her process and her life. However, never able to let a moment fall too heavy, Steph would finish a song full of sincerity and depth, only to quip, "Okay, so I'm going to talk while I tune. Because all good musicians can do that."

There are many more things to say about this woman, this artist, this friend. But I will refrain, and leave you waiting, like me, for her next burst of beauty and light. 

photo credit: diana squires

but as it is
and as it will be
we’re more than a means to an end
we’re an end to a start
and as it is
and as it will be
we’re all grown up now
except for the hope in our hearts

~Grown Up by Steph Ratcliff

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